Rev. Marcia MacLean
Ordained Minister of Religious Science

Rev. Marcia has co-founded three spiritual centers and served many others since discovering the Science of Mind in 1986. A licensed Practitioner and ordained Minister of Religious Science since 2001, she has helped students, congregants and more to live rich and satisfying lives.

Marcia’s experience in team-based arenas, her work with children, developmentally disabled adults, the elderly, and as a Certified Peer Support Specialist and Recovery Coach, provides authentic understanding and empowering support on the journey of discovering what it means to truly live! 

Join her for one of our in-person or online events as part of your journey of discovery.

Vision: A world in which we are all awake to our true identity and aware of our oneness in Spirit, embodying and experiencing Love in all that we do.

Mission: To support the realization of the grandest potential in all through the embodiment and demonstration of the principles of New Thought, honoring all paths to God.

Purpose: To teach, speak, write, sing, facilitate and lead in the awakening of humanity to its spiritual magnificence, possibility and purpose.  

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Rev. Marcia MacLean
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