Certificated Courses
For Spiritual and Personal Development or for Practitioner Training Eligibility

Centers for Spiritual Living offers certificated courses to anyone who is seeking spiritual growth. Certificated courses are Science of Mind based and teach spiritual principles and practices in a variety of topics. Students of certificated courses are registered with the Spiritual Development Education Department and have a permanent student record with Centers for Spiritual Living. Many students takes courses for spiritual and personal development. However, students who accumulate six certificated courses across four course categories are eligible for entry into Practitioner Training. Below is a list of each CSL Certificated course by category. Certificated courses are offered through CSL-Affiliated Communities, including CSL Greenville.

Our goal at CSL Greenville is to touch as many lives as possible with these empowering tools. Tuesday night classes at CSL Greenville are offered on a love-offering basis, including Beyond Limits and Foundations of Science of Mind. Thursday night Certificated Courses at CSL Greenville are offered on a love-offering basis with the $45 Certification Fee paid by the student. Advanced Consciousness Studies and Professional Practitioner Training are tuition and fee-based courses. Other CSL Greenville gatherings, online and in person, are free or offered on a  a love-offering basis. 

Check out our Spiritual Growth and Spiritual Development offerings, our current Education Plan and Events Calendar. There's something for everyone at CSLG!

Certificated Courses
Spiritual and Personal Development or Practitioner Training Eligibility

Certificated Course Requirements for Entry Into
Professional Practitioner Studies (Practitioner II)
6 Required Courses + completion of Advanced Consciousness Studies/Practitioner I

I. Foundation Level Coursework
Choose One:
• Beyond Limits
• Change Your Thinking Change Your Life
• Foundations of the Science of Mind
• Spiritual Principles and Practices

II. Ernest Holmes Philosophy Coursework
Choose One:
• The Essential Ernest Holmes

III. History/Philosophy Coursework
Choose One:
• Exploring the Roots of Science of Mind
• From Whence We Came

IV. Consciousness Coursework
Choose Three: [Optional: Choose two and then one from the Electives category]
• Building a Healing Consciousness
• Consciousness and The Creative Process
• Meditation is More Than You Think
• Mental Equivalents
• Power of Your Word
• Powering Your Decisions
• Revealing Wholeness (Spirit, Mind, Body)
• Self-Mastery: The Emergence of the True Self
• The Art and Science of Spiritual Mind Treatment
• Treatment and Meditation: Spiritual Practices for Daily Living
• Visioning: A Way of Life

V. Electives
[May choose one in place of a Consciousness class]
• 5 Gifts for an Abundant Life
• Infinite You As the Universe
• Ignite Your Life with Bible Wisdom
• Journey of the Soul
• Principles of Successful Living
• Prosperity Plus I, II, III
• Spiritual Economics
• The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

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